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Welcome to Studio Fifty One, a website dedicated to visual art and photography.

Something about myself ............
I was born and raised in Schoten, a small town close to Antwerp, Belgium.

At a very young age I already had a strong interest in visual art.
After a few years educating myself at the art academy of Antwerp, I spent a
lot of years keeping myself busy with designing and painting.

When I got older I was given my first camera for one of my birthdays.
I immediately loved taking pictures.
During the years that followed I shot thousands of slides and photo's using
that and many other cameras.

Somewhere in 2002, I've completely switched to digital Photography.
Before that I had many analogue camera's and later also a few digital ones
[Kodak, Pentax] but compared to the one I have now they were
more like amateur camera's.
These day's I own a Nikon D100, D200, and a D300.
All beautiful camera's, and I have a lot of fun with them.

About photography, I have a broad intrest and perspective, urban and abandoned
places, old hospitals, train stations, old asylums, industrial
locations, architecture, cemeteries and car graveyards.
You'll find that there is a special atmosphere hanging around these places, most of
them are covered with dust over the years, and others are even completely forgotten.
It seems like time is standing still in these places.

To prevent myself from tourists and as well the location itself, I want give any information
about where, what or how to get in.
You've got to do you're own basic research [Google].

Lately I'm also interested in landscape and model photography.

Besides photography I'm also interested in making short video movies.
A few years ago I followed a late evening class for video montage.
For my final project I even made an urban movie, it has been shot at different
abandoned locations.
So maybe in the near future you will find some movies over here too.

On this website I would like to share what my camera has been capturing over the years.

Enjoy your stay.

All my Pictures are processed on a fully calibrated Samsung Syncmaster 24" monitor [calibration done with Color Vision Spyder Pro]
Best viewed in min 1024x768 mode

- Photography is not my obsession, it's an attitude -

All content and images are property of Jos Gruythuysen do NOT re-use without permission
Contact: info@studio51.be
Jos Gruythuysen © 2006
All rights reserved